Information for New Businesses

Tips and contact information for getting started in Dexter.

Buildings & Zoning

Building Permits

Building Permits are issued through the City of Dexter , 301 E. Stoddard St. Contact Gary Williams or Crystal Bishop.

Zoning Requirements

All Property in the City is zoned Residential, Commercial, or Industrial. Before opening a business in Dexter you should contact the City Code Department to make sure that your business is properly zoned for the intended use. Contact Gary Williams.

Business License

The purpose of the City’s business licensing is to provide a registry of businesses in the city and to protect legitimate businesses from unfair competition violating federal , state, and local laws. Contact Crystal Bishop for more information.

Taxes and Registration

City Taxes

City taxes are collected at the City Collector’s Office. For more information, contact Kendra Williams.


State Registration

Most companies operating in Missouri must register with the State. Unincorporated businesses must also file if they do business under any title other than the actual name of the owner. Visit for information, or contact the Office of the Secretary of State in Jefferson City at the above number. 

Sales Tax Number

A city business license is only issued after a state sales tax number, if applicable , is obtained from the Missouri Department of Revenue. Visit for more questions.




The City and MoDOT regulates the size, placement, and type of all business signage. Contact the City Code Enforcement for approval. 

County Health Department

All eating and / or drinking establishments are required to have a health permit.

Stoddard County Health Department
1001 North Highway 25
PO Box 277
Bloomfield, MO 63825

Water and Trash Setup

To set up your water account or trash services, go to the Collector’s Office at City Hall. Any water or trash issues, contact the Collector’s Office at City Hall.

Chamber of Commerce

The Dexter Chamber of Commerce is ready to serve you with an abundance of information, whether you are visiting or relocating to Dexter, or if you are a business or industry seeking a new location. CALL US or visit us online. We look forward to hearing from you and Welcome Home!