Economic Development

The Economic Development Office is a part of the Dexter Chamber of  Commerce . We are charged with directing the economic development efforts for the City of Dexter. The ED works in partnership with the City of Dexter, Industrial Development Association, Missouri Partnerships and others to ensure we have readily available land, buildings, and other necessary resources needed for the betterment of the Dexter area.


  • Enhance transportation improvements
  • Encourage new business growth through entrepreneurship
  • Establish small industrial and service parks
  • Create large industrial complexes for future expansion and development
  • Support efforts for development of programs to facilitate orderly growth
  • Promote available buildings and properties

major industry

BA Promotions & Marketing

Tracy Christian, Owner
133 S Walnut ,  PO Box 563
Dexter, MO 63841
Phone: 573-624-1811
# of Employees: 18
Type of Business: screen printing/embroidery

Bootheel Recycling

Mark Booker, Owner
202 North Harris Drive
Dexter, MO 63841
Phone: 573-624-3113
# of Employees: 7
Type of Business: Recycle: metal, paper, bottles, & card board, Recycle electronics

Bootheel Tool & Machine

Dave Clark & Preston Clark, Owners
920 Scott Avenue
Dexter, MO 63841
Phone: 573-624-7096
# of Employees: 12
Type of Business: Design & build special tooling & Machine

Central Pallet Supply

Jacob Black
13501 County Road 717
Dexter, MO 63841
Phone: 573-624-6710
# of Employees: 10
Type of Business: Recycle wood pallets

Dexter Public School

Amy James
1031 Brown Pilot Rd
Dexter, MO 63841
Phone: 573-614-1000
# of Employees: 285
Type of Business: Education

Duley Machine Shop, LLC

John & Marjorie Duley, Owners
725 North Locust
Dexter, MO 63841
Phone: 573-624-5110
# of Employees: 11
Type of Business: Tools, Dies, Jigs & Fabrication

Faurecia Emissions Control Technology

Mike Pulley, Site Manager Building 1, Justin Seipp, Site Manager Building #2
1207 Arvin Road
Dexter, MO 63841
Phone: 573-624-7411
# of Employees: 685
Type of Business: Auto Mufflers/Pipes

Gill Group, Inc.

Sam Gill
512 One Mile Road
Dexter, MO 63841
Phone: 573-624-6614
# of Employees: 50
Type of Business: Appraisals, Market Studies, Phase I Environmental Assessments and PCA/PCNAs

Global Fuels, LLC

Jerry Bagby, Owner
PO Box 595
Dexter, MO 63841
Phone: 573-614-7410
# of Employees: 8

Holden Pallett

Tim Holden, Owner/President
14219 County Road 403
Dexter, MO 63841
Phone: 573-624-4625
# of Employees: 36
Type of Business: Wooden Pallets, Wholesale Lumber

Pallet Recycling

Bob Morgan, Owner
19613 County Road 708
Dexter, MO 63841
Phone: 573-624-4143
# of Employees: 7
Type of Business: Manufacture & Recycle Wooden Pallets

Republic Services

15250 Old Bloomfield Road
Dexter, MO 63841
Phone: 573-624-8135
# of Employees: 61
Type of Business: Waste Disposal

SoutheastHEALTH of Stoddard County

Sue Ann Williams
1200 N One Mile Road
Dexter, MO 63841
Phone: 573-624-5566
# of Employees: 190
Type of Business: Medical

Specialty Engineering Corporation

Bruce Miller, President
1028 Specialty Drive PO Box 245
Dexter, MO 63841
Phone: 573-624-3521
# of Employees: 19
Type of Business: Tools, Dies & Jigs

Tyson Foods, Inc.

Mark Avery, Complex Manager
1001 East Stoddard 1001 Box 547
Dexter, MO 63841
Phone: 573-624-4548
# of Employees: 650
Type of Business: Poultry, Food Products

US Poly Enterprises, Inc.

Jason Mattison, Manager
16143 North Outer Road PO Box 769
Dexter, MO 63841
Phone: 573-624-4266
# of Employees: 30
Type of Business: Sports/Novelty Bottles

WW Wood Products

Ken Rinehart, HR Manager
10450 Brenda St
Dudley, MO 63936
Phone: 573-614-4765
# of Employees: 978
Type of Business: Cabinet building


The Dexter Chamber of Commerce works hard to enhance the business environment and increase growth in our community. Our office works with the City of Dexter to provide assistance and incentives for our major economic development workforce.

The Dexter area has a lot to offer. Whether you are relocating , wanting a great one day experience or looking for a new home for your business, you are here! We have great shopping, traditional restaurants, recreation opportunities, historic downtown district, great parks and much more.

Situated at the 25 miles East of Hwy 67 at Poplar Bluff or 25 miles West of Interstate 55 & 57 at Sikeston.   We have Three Rivers College center and just 23 miles from Sikeston and Poplar Bluff Career Technical Centers. Contact us today for more information.

Dexter Chamber of Commerce
515 W. Market Street, Suite B
Dexter, Missouri 63841


Inside Dexter City Limits          8,029

The 63841 zip code                 12,894

Stoddard County                     29,862

1 Outdoor swimming pool with 30ft water slides
5 public parks equipped with basketball, tennis and pickle ball courts
Pavilions for rent

Fishing Lake

Otter Slough

1 Movie Theater
1 Bowling Alley
1 country club

Dexter Public Schools
Three Rivers College – Dexter Campus

Air Services
Dexter Municipal Airport – paved 5,500 foot runway
Nearest commercial and air freight service – 50 miles

River Port
Mississippi River – 365 days freeze-free public ports within 45 miles

Weather & Climate
Coldest Month:  January Avg. High:  42F  Low: 24F
Hottest Month:   July       Avg. High:  90F   Low: 69F
Rain Annual Average:  47.5 inches
Snow Annual Average:  8.9 inches

Government/Legislative District
Missouri Senate District:  25
Missouri House District:  151
U.S. Congressional District:  8

Banks – 8
Public Library and Genealogy
Hospitality Facilities – 4 hotels/motels

Burlington Northern-Santa Fe
Union Pacific

Freight Carriers
FedEx Ground
UPS Freight

local taxes

Basic Property Tax:    (Levy for latest year (per $100.00 assessed value):

City               $0.6727(*)
County           0.0000
School           3.3200
State              0.0300
Other             1.0176
Total            $5.0403

For more information , contact the Stoddard County Assessor’s office at 573-568-3163 or they are located at 401 S. Prairie St. in Bloomfield MO

Sales Tax:

City                          1.875 %
County                     2.000%
State                        4.225 %
Special Tax              0.1880%
Total                         8.288 %

For more information, contact the City Hall at 573-624-5959 or located at 301 E. Stoddard


Dexter’s electrical power is furnished by Ameren Missouri. The power grid is interconnected with 22 other power suppliers in the Midwest. Native system generating capacity is 8,100 megawatts with peak load at 7,200 megawatts. Power purchase contracts are in place. Dexter area voltage is 161 Kv to 34.5 Kv to 12.5 Kv.  Rates are available with schedules for residential, small commercial, large commercial, primary supply, interruptible contracts, and an economic development rider for first five (5) years of operation for qualifiers. For more information, including rates sheets, click on; then Communities; then Missouri Community Members; then choose either Business or Residential; then choose Business Rates or Residential Rates; then go to Quick Links for Electric or Natural Gas Rates.

Natural Gas:
Natural gas is provided locally by the Ameren Missouri from the Texas Eastern Pipeline near Dexter. Gas is delivered at 250 lbs. to city gates with 50 to 15 lb distribution.   Rate schedules for Residential, Small and Large General Service, interruptible and transportation service tariffs are available. For more information, including rates sheets, click on then Communities; then Missouri Community Members; then choose either Business or Residential; then choose Business Rates or Residential Rates; then go to Quick Links for Electric or Natural Gas Rates.

available sites

Old Monarch Building

This is a 40,000sf – Warehouse or Manufacturing Building located on Clements Drive with loading docks and separate office building, plenty of parking.  It has east access to Highway 25 and a separate building for offices with plenty of parking and loading docks.

For More info:  573-624-7458 or EMAIL US . Utilities are available to the site. 

See photo gallery below, click any image to enlarge:

Greenfield Place

Available is 35 Acres of land owned by the Dexter Chamber of Commerce Development Corporation. For More info:  573-624-7458 or EMAIL US . Utilities are available to the site. Located on Arvin Road with easy access to Highway 60.

See photo gallery below, click any image to enlarge: